SB6310T Transmitter

SVGA over Cat 5 sender and receivers. New model takes SVGA input and audio and transmits over ONE Cat 5 cable

Unit shown will drive 4 outputs, ie one input plus local monitor to 4 Panels, simple cheap and easy and they work!

image006.gif image008.gif

SB6335 Transmitter and Receiver

New HDMI over Cat 5 that actually work !. If you have been caught out and need a proper solution to run HDMI over Cat5 its here, the SB6335 Transmitter and receiver kit. You can also put your IR down it as well. These work over long runs and give phenomenal resolution. 3.4G bps. Will work on 3D over shorter distances.

Also partner with our HDMI 4 x 4 matrix switches

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