Smart Switch - 16 x 8 Flatpack


SC168 S


Flat Pack 16 relays , 8 contact closure. Triggered by RS232. Designed to fit into power distribution board or cupboard and can be controlled  by
RS232 component or control system. Ideally suited for Pronto,  Axium, Vantage, Control 4 (full driver written). Can be daisy chained, so one RS232 output can run multiple devices up to 64 units. Each unit can be addressed with individual code through dip switch

Highlight This unit has manual override and individual button to test each circuit, you can give this to your sparky, he can install and test before you take any control gear to site. Good for trade demark.


•    Flat Pack RS232 controlled 16 relay, 8 contact closure
•    16 relay 240v, 3 amp
•    8 contact closure,
•    Wall wart power supply provided
•    Manual override
•    Status and input lights
•    Comes with USB with manuals and set up

RRP $1,495.00