Back box kit for KW61, Kit includes back boxes, “Fly” leads, Acoustic wadding, screws and seals.

Designed to attach to back of KW61 in wall speakers. These are retrofit able. If you find that you need Left Center and Right main speakers acoustically matched , then you should use this Kit. It converts KW61 into a flush wall mounted bookshelf speaker.

This gives far more accurate speaker performance as you are not relying on the wall cavity, which can change for each speaker. It also increases the speakers output characteristics, dramatically.

This kit is also recommended when using in wall speakers between lounges and sleeping areas as it reduces leakage of sound between one area and another.

90mm mounting depth from front of Gib Face to back of box. Can only be used in standard 100mm by 50mm (dressed) framed walls.

Sold as a pair.

Typical uses

Home Theatre and between rooms where isolation is necessary.


Recommended amplifier power  N/A

Dimensions                   184mm Wide, 270mm high and 90mm deep

Cut out hole size                       N/A


RRP $150.00