4x4 Component Switch



4 by 4 hidef video matrix with analogue and digital audio switching. 4 inputs routed independently to 4 outputs.

Discrete IR and RS232. Comes with external power supply “hard” on off switch and Rack mount “ears” plus remote.


Type of Video ,       4 x 4 High Speed None Blocking Switch Arrays G=+2

                                    Buffered Inputs

                                    8 Output amplifiers, drives 150 Ohm Loads

Video Performance 60Mhz +/-0.1db gain, Differential Phase error

Video Bandwidth     > 325 Mhz (-3db), Full load.

Slew Rate                  480V/us

Digital Bandwidth    > 110 Mhz

Audio Response      20hz – 20 khz +/- 0.05db

Signals                   Composite Video (NTSC, PAL,SECAM)

                                Component Video (YUV, RGB)

                                Compressed Video (MPEG, Wavelet)

                                3-Level Digital Video (HDB3)

Channel Switch

Time                       25ns with 1% setting, with -83db crosstalk. With -98db, Isolation @ 5Mhz                                 

Dimensions              440 W x 198 D x 32 H,  2.56kg gross

RRP $1,499.00